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Love this product (iWave Air Purifier)!!! Had them installed in my business after the 2020 lockdown. We have had 3 employees come down with COVID, yet no one at our place of business contracted it from them, nor did any clientele. When I told my Drs I had purchased these for our air systems, they were ecstatic, especially my Infectious Disease Specialist who at the time was treating me for a bone infection in my foot. She has them in her office as well as her home. The commercial versions of these are used in hospital OR's and clinics to control the spread of germs and air borne viruses like flus and corona viruses. Kills them dead.
Great product, much better tech and much better choice than UV products. The only true UV products that will work cannot be used with people present because they are just that harmful and cancerous so they can only sanitize and disinfect after the fact. No regrets on my choice to purchase these for my business!!! And another plus - bread simply no longer molds. I have literally eaten hamburger buns 4 months outdated - no odd odors, and ZERO mold.
— Resurrection Ink
Mar. 08, 2021

Justin came out today and I had to call back in to tell you how wonderful he is. Very professional and personable and really goes beyond in customer service. Please let everyone know what an asset he is!
— Harriet M.
Mar. 05, 2021

A technician arrived within 20 minutes of call and diagnosed the issue within another 10 minutes. Courteous, professional, prompt and affordable. Thank you!
— Sharon P-J.
Jan. 11, 2021

As a new resident of Savannah, I didn't know who to call to get the HVAC checked due to a huge winter increase in the electric power bill. Air Therm called quickly and sent a very responsive tech agent out this morning. Since my unit is ancient, they recommended a replacement but meanwhile fixed an air leak and jazzed it up to likely reduce the bill at least for this month. They offered me a deal that's too good to pass up on a new system. Great guys and very professional responses.
— Sioux R.
Jan. 11, 2021

A technician arrived within 20 minutes of call and diagnosed the issue within another 10 minutes. Courteous, professional, prompt and affordable. Thank you!
— Sharon P-J.
Jan. 11, 2021

Where to start. Our heat pump went out and our home warranty was not helping. Austin came out the same day I put in a request to receive a quote. Comparing their price (and customer service) to other providers I had received quotes from, it was a no brainer. Austin had Ronnell and Vaughn out the very next day installing our new system and patching up some bad duct work. Everyone is friendly and responsive to all questions. Austin even took time to draft an invoice to provide my home warranty company. Ms. Beth is also a pleasure to speak to! 10 stars!!!!!
— Jeff W.
Dec. 16, 2020

Air Therm provided my family with fast, professional and thorough service at an unmatched cost! They got to my home in an extremely timely manner, fixed our issues and even signed us up for a low cost, worry free maintenance program that will help us maintain a good HVAC system. The best HVAC company I have worked with since becoming a home owner over 20 years ago!!
— Anaiyah W. Port Wentworth, GA
Dec. 04, 2020

Super impressed with Joseph and Justin, who were so professional and thorough. They really did a great job and I appreciated them being here.
— Margaret S. Savannah, GA
Nov. 30, 2020

Air Therm repaired with mastic several joint that had become disconnected which were allowing outside air to enter the home via the HVAC intake. Work was done promptly and professionally and at a very reasonable price. I am very satisfied and highly recommend them.
— Jack W. Savannah, GA
Nov. 26, 2020

Great Service.
— Roger S. Rincon, GA
Nov. 16, 2020

I was contacted by Air Therm immediately. Austin was extremely professional. A profressional was at the property within a few hours. Superior workmanship is what I received. A. Blake
— Arthur B. Pooler, GA
Oct. 14, 2020

Absolutely recommend them! Their customer service far exceeds 5 stars! They do excellent work!
— Kalie M.
Oct. 08, 2020

Air Therm did a great job for a friend of mine yesterday. Her AC died yesterday. The came out at 3pm, provided a reasonable, written quote, didn't ask for anything up front. When she gave them the ok, they showed up first thing this morning and installed the system professionally by noon! When the installers were complete, the sales guy came out and inspected the job. This is a very professional company! Thank you so much for the recommendation!
I would strongly recommend to anyone in here to get multiple quotes on anything related to HVAC, and make sure one of them is Air Therm. I've got thirty years experience in the field, and one of the big ones tried to pull the wool over my eyes. After her experience, they will be first on my recommendation list. If I was still installing, I would have charged nearly exactly what they charged, fair price for great work.
— Clinton S. Savannah, GA
May 4, 2020

Air Therm and its employees all are excellent at customer service and are very knowledgeable. I found their honestly very reassuring and they are the best by far. When installers arrived, they were exceptional in service and professionalism. I know I made the right choice!!
— Dorothy C. Savannah, GA
March 12, 2020

Justin was a nice guy, he knew what he was doing, and I give him a high five!
— Ed A., Pooler, GA
November 15, 2019

"In the hottest summer months of July to August . My A/C went down. I contacted a company and after spending $434.00 with them. A few days later same issue. They quoted me quite a bit in the thousands to fix again with no inspection only speculation of problem.
Here's where Airtherm comes in, I contacted them the representative was very pleasant. She created a sense of urgency (vital to customer care) A gentleman named Mike came out same the impression very welcoming and pleasant. The issue was accessed and the execution to resolve was immediate.
The execution was beyond my expectations. Although the issue was resolved in August not a day has gone by that my experience doesn't makes me smile.
I just had to write a review to let them know they are number 1 Best customer service in my 57 years I mean this you guys rocked it out. Very memorable. With this said I thank you so much for not taking advantage approaching this with excellence."
— Mimi S.
October 11, 2019

"I have used Airtherm for years and they are wonderful to work with!!! Excellent service!! Beth is a delight and provides customer service that is not too common these days!! My recent visit from their technician, Tim, last week was outstanding!! He was on time, very personable and very knowledgeable regarding my HVAC units. I would highly recommend Airtherm!!!!"
— Patti M, Savannah, GA
September 30, 2019

"Thank you so much Vaughn for coming out on a Sunday afternoon. Y'all are the best. Our AC died Saturday. I thought we could handle it till Monday. Well, needless to say. It's Hotober so we could handle it. They came right out. Thank you!!!"
— Biza M.
October 7, 2019

"Dear Bill, a note to let you how pleased I am with the installation of the lines and covers for the A/C. Chris and his men were so professional and efficient. The entire process was a pleasant experience. Also, the temporary A/C was a “god-send”. Please accept my appreciation for your assistance in making this possible. Best regards, PS: And thanks so much for the filters!"
— Sarah K, Savannah, GA
August 7, 2019

"So happy with the care and consideration Craig and Michael extend to our home during the installation of a new system today. They were here all day today and were so great in explaining what they needed to do and taking such good care along the way! During the last week while troubleshooting our problem, we have had great service from Joseph, Chris and Beth as well. Thank you all."
— the Campbell’s, Savannah, GA
July 25, 2019

"I am thrilled with all the services that Porter performed. He is an outstanding employee, who is very polite, knowledgeable & patient. He explained the answers to all of my questions, and I appreciated his demeanor. He deserves a raise!"
— Rhona E., Rincon, GA
July 17, 2019

"Thank you for making our house inhabitable again. 😃 Things work great now!"
— John F.
July 15, 2019

"Joseph squared it away, Bill! That kid is awesome. Very respectful and thorough. Thanks so much!"
— Tony C.
May 21, 2019

"Had to call in to say how happy I am with Joseph and the service today. He’s very professional, efficient, and knowledgeable! What an asset to your team."
— John T.
May 21, 2019

"I wanted to tell you how happy I am with the service that I received from your firm regarding the installation of my heating and air conditioning units. Everyone with whom I came into contact (Kevin, Joseph, Chris and the other individuals on the team) were extremely professional, courteous and helpful. I would highly recommend Air Therm.

Thank you,"
— Terri F.
February, 2019

"I love love love my new range hood! Your guys are just GREAT. - - always go way beyond what is required. Thanks for being so patient with me while I was making up my mind about what to do. I am thrilled!"

Guess I better get to cooking.

Thanks again,"
— Sue A., Savannah, GA
January 24, 2019

"Have to tell you that your guys are really fabulous! They always came in happy and even my dog loved them. They were extra careful to keep everything clean and did a great job. We used to lose all the cold air during the summer from holes in the ductwork and now the air blows so strong that we have to turn it down. Looking forward to lower power bills. I used to work with HVAC techs and wish they would have had the same disposition and work ethic! So pleased!"
— Bobbi J., Savannah, GA
November 16, 2018

“The entire team at Air Therm have been fantastic. They came in with a super experienced and smart team of technicians who solved a problem that we have had for years -that no other company could ever figure out! I only wish I had found them sooner!”
— Emily S, Savannah, GA 31401
November 14, 2018

“Vaughn and Ronnell were very professional, courteous and answered all of my questions – they did a great job.”
— Nancy P, Savannah, GA
October 25, 2018

“Had to call to tell you how delightful the tech was today. He was professional and thorough and we enjoyed having him here. We’ve been very happy over the last several years with everyone you’ve sent over and the exceptional customer service you provide.”
— Susan D, Savannah, GA
October 2018

"I want to thank AirTherm for their prompt response when my a/c quit. James Smith’s expertise throughout the process was great! I know I can always count on AirTherm and the people they send."
— Barbara Joan D, Savannah, GA
September 2018

"Called office to possibly cancel appointment. Beth, very professional, insisted that they should come out and solve the mystery.

Kevin Golden is YOUR man! He was more thorough in checking pipes, not just looking, but lying in the dirt outside behind a prickly holly bush to make sure the pipe outside was not touching the ground under an inaccessible porch. He actually drained it with Chlorox and compressed air.

But most importantly, he told and explained to me the sensor next to the drain pipe. And showed me how it works when water overflows and will stop the unit from running and how to remove the thermostat battery holder, etc. Scott, on a scale from one to ten, he is an 11! He went the extra mile."
— Doris G, Savannah, GA
August 2018

"I wanted to reach out and say thank you for the great work that was done this past Saturday for our install. The A/C is working great and keeping our office nice and cold. Thank you again for the flexibility with installing the new A/C on a weekend and for taking care of the prep work prior to the install. We really appreciate it and look forward to working with AirTherm in the future or HVAC needs. I look forward to hearing from you soon! Have a great day!"
— Barbara H, CHC Engineering, Savannah, GA
September 2018

"Your guys did a great job (on the installation) and were all very professional."
— Jerry L, Savannah, GA
August 2018

"My mother taught me to never use a gift until I had thanked the giver. I have heard her voice every time I have used your thermal bag. We won't discuss the delicious cookies! I already had a bag about half that size but haven't touched it since i received yours. Perfect size; I have used it to picnic, when i have to drive to Atlanta and even when I transport things for a supper at church. It was a thoughtful gift from your company in an age when the customer is often left a bit let down to spend that kind of money, never to hear from them again. It's nice to feel that my business is appreciated." I wish you and the company success.
Thanks again!Yours truly,
—Rebecca C S, Savannah, GA
August 2018

"Had Rocky come out today and would like to give him a $50 tip! He showed me something new today and really went above and beyond. He’s very knowledgeable and a huge asset to your company. I couldn’t be prouder of him if he were my son!"
— Malcolm O, Savannah, GA
August 2018

"So glad I called Air Therm! Rocky was able to fix my air conditioner with a minor repair after TWO other companies told it needed to be replaced. Thank you, thank you!"
— Leona M, Savannah, GA
August 2018

— Paula O., Savannah, Ga
July 2018

"Justin did a really great, thorough job! We’d love to have him back every time."
— John W., Savannah, Ga
June 2018

"My wife can’t sing high enough praises about Justin. He even has great handwriting!"
— Declan F., Savannah, GA
June 2018

"I wanted to personally reach out to you to ask you to please pass on our sincere gratitude to your company and your technician James. I am tough on customer service grades and from where I sit A++. From the calling service to James, to Beth and follow-up. A++

James came to our rescue this past Sunday. Panic stricken and “HOT” our AC shut down in between guests of our rental. James took the time to talk to me, settle me down, and within a matter of minutes and a quick face time he helped us sort out the problem (full drip pan). A quick trip to Home Depot to get a wet vac and cleaned up our mess -- we had 28 minutes to spare before the next guest checked-in. His patience, professionalism, and kindness moved me. Please be assured and proud that the people, Beth and James, representing your company and your business clearly emulate your values, customer service expectations and integrity. As a result, we have chosen to team with you as our “go-to” company in Savannah and we signed up today for your monthly Comfort Club. After a prompt response from Beth, we even have a maintenance call set for this Thursday. How is that for customer service during your busiest season? I am cc’ing our Team Mate and beloved cleaning company that first answered our desperate call that referred us to you. Twila and Regina of Totally Toxic Free Cleaning (TTFC) are the direct result in our cottage achieving SuperHost status 4 consecutive quarters in a row on AirBnB. We highly recommend TTFC for all your cleaning needs. Good for business, the planet, humans and four legged kids. James, texted me later that evening to ensure everything was okay. All of which he didn’t have to do. The next time you are out and about checking on your crew and bringing them ice cold water in the heat, please pass on our sincere thanks and gratitude to James. Lastly, Beth is a complete joy… no pressure no sales just easy explanation of what is best for our situation and our family.

Kind regards,
Believe – Live Authentically,"
— Mark G., Savannah, GA
May 2018

"I just wanted to personally thank you for sending James out to my house. He is very professional, and courteous. His visit was excellent. Thank you for sending him he is an asset to company."
— Myles S.
May 2018

"I have used Air Therm twice within the last month. Once for my condo and once for my mother-in-law. They advertise that they treat you like family and will always do so. Let me tell you, that is absolutely the truth. You can contact them at any time and if they cannot talk to you at that moment, they will get back with you. You are kept informed and whatever the need is well explained. You can rely on them to keep their appointment and even go beyond what you expect them to do. They are professionals in every sense of the word but more than that, after you have used them, you will consider them as family also."
— Gary P., Savannah, GA
May 2018

— Karen W., Savannah, GA
May 2018

"Vaughn and Ronnel were just great! The house is cooling perfectly. They left the area really clean and Ronnel even swept out my garage!!! I always sing Air Therm's praises."
— Jean E., Savannah, GA
May 2018

"James was very nice and extremely knowledgeable in performing my tune-up. So nice and knowledgeable that I signed up for a Comfort Club Membership."
— Virginia F, Savannah, GA
May 2018

"Really appreciate you sending someone so quick! James was fabulous and showed me how properly operate the thermostat. Love everyone in the office, too! You always take such good care of us."
— Anne M, Tybee Island, GA
May 2018

"Fantastic job on the install with Vaughn & Ronnell! Guys kept everything clean, and they were very thorough. They let me know exactly what they were doing and were very knowledgeable! There was not even a SPECK OF DUST on the floor!!"
—Patti M., Savannah, GA
April 2018

"Enjoyed having James come by today. He was so friendly and helpful. Still love Kevin, but James is welcome anytime!"
—Jean E., Savannah, GA
April 2018

"Love this guy, James!! He was everything I look for in a service individual – knowledgeable, experienced, focused, pleasant, no-nonsense. What a great individual!

I am very grateful for this service, as he found that the spray foam people had dislodged the pipe in the attic that would empty the condensate. That could have been a big problem. He fixed it all and got it back to normal.

Thanks again for such great service!! Can we request that James do our service in the future??"
—Shirley R, Savannah, GA
April 2018

"Your technicians diagnosed and remedied the issue with my system. Also appreciated the office following up and will call again for future needs."
—Glen N, Tybee Island, GA
February 2018

"Had to call to let you know that we were so pleased with James. He was on time, extremely thorough, and explained what was going on with our unit really well. He gave us options and wasn’t pushy-AT ALL! He even double-checked everything before he left. When the installation was scheduled, he made sure to also be there and even called to check on us the next day. Love our new unit and so glad we called Air Therm. We’ll definitely refer Air Therm to all our family and friends!"
—Linda R, Rincon, GA
February 2018

"I was VERY happy with Kevin from Friday’s service call. He was a magician and like a bird dog hunting for the problem. The short was the most ambiguous thing and he was able to find the design flaw. Also, really appreciated that he had Creg working with him so he could be given hands on training. Seriously couldn’t be happier."
—Diane B, Savannah, GA
January 2018

"Mike, can’t thank you enough for all you have done! You’re easy to trust. Thank you!"
—Mary Ann D, Savannah, GA
January 2018

"Hey. I do want you to know your two employees who came could not have been nicer or more considerate. Both were gentlemen and we appreciate their attention. They are certainly a credit to your company. Thanks again."
—Steve G, Savannah, GA
January 2018

"David came to service our system yesterday and I just had to call to tell you how fabulous he is! He is just precious and there’s something special about him. He visited with us while he was waiting on the thermostat and reminded me of one of my children. I made sure to hug him when he left. Would love to have him service us again."
—Betty K, Savannah, GA
November 2017

"Thank you for the fast, professional service you provided today!"
—Ardra M, Savannah, GA
October 2017

"David was awesome! He could have given up at least 4 times, but kept at it until the unit was repaired... and on a Saturday! He did a great job!"
—Jakob V, Savannah, GA
August 2017

"Eric was very thorough and courteous! He did a great job."
—Kim P., Savannah GA
August 2017

"I’m in heaven now that the new system is in! So very happy with the guys and how professional and personable they were. Jimmy even fixed my toilet while he was here! What a nice surprise!"
—Sue A., Savannah GA
August 2017

"Vaughn did a great job! He was very professional and knowledgeable. You couldn’t have sent anyone better. We’d like to immediately sign up for your preventative maintenance program."
—Louis B., Savannah GA
August 2017

"I spent some time on the roof with the guys yesterday and thought they did a very nice job and also behaved in a very pleasant and professional manner."
—Matthew W., Savannah GA
June 2017

"Vaughn was great! He went above and beyond to make sure everything was working well. Super professional and very thorough. Thinking about having preventative maintenance and would like for Vaughn to be my technician if I sign up. Used to be in the industry and appreciate how hard Vaughn was working."
—Alan W., Savannah GA
June 2017

"Vaughn was extremely nice and professional. That’s a quality you rarely see these days and it did not go unnoticed."
—Kent K., Savannah GA
June 2017

"James was not only knowledgeable and thorough, but he was very caring and compassionate. Felt like he was a family member who made sure we were taken care of. You have to tell management how fabulous he is!"
—Sarah F., Savannah GA
June 2017

"Very pleased with James handling my preventative maintenance. He was very professional, clean, and thorough! "
—Paul C., Savannah GA
May 2017

"I'm so pleased with everything and your customer service goes way beyond! Patrick and Michael were very courteous and made sure to explain the issue well. On top of that they were a hoot! "
—Sue K., Savannah GA
April 2017

"Your company is awesome. Thank you for your quick install! You could have hung meat in the condo by Friday night. I saw James on Friday... I am so happy he is working with y'all now. He is a really nice guy. Thank you again. "
—Mary Ellen T., Tybee Island GA
April 2017

"Great job on the latest install! I very much appreciate working with Air Therm over the years."
—Robin B., Savannah GA
April 2017

"Air Therm did a really great job on my installation and finished on time."
—Jim D., Savannah GA
April 2017

" I want you to know how great Eric is! I really enjoyed him doing the inspection and will be requesting him from now on."
—Julia W., Savannah GA
April 2017

"I want to compliment how well Eric serviced my system. He was very thorough, he taped up and sealed my ductwork, and I would like him to come back in the fall."
—Janet I., Savannah GA
April 2017

"Just wanted to let you know what a good employee you have in Eric, the guy that made the service call at my house yesterday. He was very professional, polite, and took the time to explain everything he was doing. In this day of hamburger flipper quality help, I have to make sure you know what a fine representation you have in Eric. Thanks again!"
—Jerry D., Savannah GA
March 2017

"Eric was very thorough and did a great job!"
—Kelly D., Savannah GA
March 2017

"As a new resident of Savannah I didn't know who to call for A/C service but Air Therm was recommended by a friend of mine. I scheduled a service call in January to get ready for the cold weather and Vaughn came to check everything out. Luckily I'm in good shape right now but he gave me some suggestions in his write-up to keep it that way after the call which was great. He was able to look at two systems and was extremely professional around my house. He left it the way he found it, the baby was asleep when he got there and she never woke up until well after he left! I will be using Air Therm in the future for my A/C needs."
—Seth W., Ardsley Park/Savannah GA
March 2017

"Technician was knowledgeable, professional, and thorough! Best inspections I've ever had!"
—Marlis S., Savannah GA
March 2017

"Blown away! Phenomenal job!"
—Espy G., Tybee Island GA
January 2017

"Technicians were knowledgeable and cool! Did an exceptional job!"
—Andy S., Savannah GA
October 2016

"Work was perfect and the technicians quickly corrected the issue. The area looked cleaner when the left than when they arrived. Couldn't be happier."
—Jamison T., Savannah GA
June 2016