8 Really Smart Reasons to Get Routine Tune Ups with Our Comfort Club

8 Really Smart Reasons to Get Routine Tune Ups with Our Comfort Club

Date - 01/03/2023

Geeky guy with a brilliant idea

Priceless peace of mind

Do you have insurance on your car? (You probably do since some form of car insurance is mandated to drive legally in all 50 states, and 215 million people comply.) More than half the population owns life insurance. A whopping 93% of homeowners pay on policies that protect them from the devastating financial loss in case of fire, theft, or burglary of their homes.

Doesn’t it make sense to protect the most costly and valuable things of your life?

You bet it does.

Getting regularly scheduled maintenance on your air conditioning and heating unit - the most expensive system in your household - is a surefire way to save money, be healthier, and get priceless peace of mind.

This is not just a sales pitch. There are dozens of really smart reasons to get routine tune ups. Here are eight of them:

ONE: Be brilliant

Protecting yourself against future problems is a brilliant idea passed down through centuries

More than four hundred years ago, English homes often burned to the ground. They were, after all, made of wood and covered with roofs made of dried branches, reeds, and grasses. Since fires burned and sputtered in open hearths, the chances of burning your house down were incredibly high.

Those thatched roofs would go up in flames with the tiniest spark, and the blaze would spread from home to home, burning whole towns to ashes in hours.

That’s why in 1638, King Charles had a brilliant idea.


He created fire insurance subscriptions in England. A family could pay for protection during the fire and have their house rebuilt if the worst should happen.

While it’s not exactly “insurance,” our Comfort Club membership is protection against future problems. By providing guaranteed check-ups for your HVAC system and its complex components of electricity, wiring, and refrigerants, we can safeguard your home and avert disaster.

TWO: Find and fix potential problems BEFORE they become major repairs

Let’s be honest.

Unless you’re a trained tech or a certified engineer, you probably don’t know much about your heating and air conditioning unit.

Even if you tried to inspect it regularly, would you know what to look for?

Routine tune-ups on air conditioning and heating units allow professionals to check for minor issues that can be caused by aging and the normal wear and tear of daily use. Minor issues can be quick and inexpensive to fix.

But if those minor repairs aren’t caught, they can grow into major issues which are harder and costlier to fix.

THREE: Curtail pest infestations

Did you know that mice can seek shelter inside your condenser unit? Or that they can crawl into ductwork and get into coolant lines? Or that mud daubers and wasps sometimes build homes inside outdoor units?

Routine maintenance on your HVAC units safeguards against pests who might chew through wires and cause electrical shorts. We will be the ones to keep your systems safe and get rid of any unwanted insects so you won’t get stung.

FOUR: Pay less on your utility bills

When your air conditioner or furnace is running at peak efficiency, it costs less to operate because it doesn’t have to work as hard.

If a part is loose, it costs more money because it’s not efficient. If a filter is clogged, air can’t get through, and the unit must work harder to push it through. The harder the unit must work, the more money it costs.

Experts have proven that keeping your air conditioning operating at optimal efficiency can save up to 35% on your energy bills.

FIVE: Extend the life of your HVAC system

This is important.

Unless you like spending thousands of dollars on new air conditioning and heating systems, you want to make them last as long as possible.

It’s proven that people who give their units routine maintenance extend the life of their system by 40%.

If the average lifespan of a HVAC unit in Savannah, Georgia, is about ten years.

Think of this.

That means you can give your billfold a break by extending the lifespan of the most expensive system in your home by FOUR YEARS!

SIX: Be healthier and happier when you’re comfortable

Science has shown that comfortable room temperatures affect our health and well being.

  • Productivity declines if you’re too hot or too cold.
  • Strength in the major muscle groups of elderly people decreases significantly if they spend more than 45 minutes in a cold room.
  • SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is more likely for babies who are too warm.

Routine check-ups on your air conditioning and heating equipment guarantee that you’ll be surrounded by air that’s neither too hot nor too cool.

Air Therm even guarantees that you’ll always be within 3 degrees of your chosen temperature if your equipment is properly maintained.

SEVEN: Decrease the complications of asthma and allergies

You may not have thought of the exact wording, but the very term “air conditioner” means that the system is improving your air quality, “conditioning it,” much like you condition your hair to make it softer and more manageable.

No matter how clean you are, the air in your house is filled with dirt, dust, germs, hair, and pet dander. People with allergies and asthma suffer when the air is not properly “conditioned” and filtered.

Regular tune-ups with Comfort Club membership make sure that your unit is “conditioning” your air and removing the harmful particles before it gets to your lungs, significantly reducing the health complications for people with asthma and allergies.

EIGHT: Get peace of mind

Remember those sultry, hot, sticky Savannah days when your clothes were sticking to you and you felt wilted and warped by the heat?

Did you ever walk into your home to find out that the air conditioning had died and it was even hotter inside than it was outside?

Routine tune-ups reduce the risk of breakdowns by 95%!

We’re EXCITED and think you will be, too

Peace of mind and absolute comfort are invaluable.

That’s why Air Therm is excited to be able to offer you a deal you won’t find anywhere else.

Join our Comfort Club and get TWO tune-ups per year on every HVAC unit in your home for just $99!

Surely, your peace of mind and absolute comfort are worth more than $99 for an entire year!

Call us to sign up for Comfort Club. 912-234-7268.

It will be one of the smartest things you’ll ever do.