Are There Real Benefits in Using Ceiling Fans? Absolutely. Without Doubt.

Are There Real Benefits in Using Ceiling Fans?
Absolutely. Without Doubt.

Date - 05/01/2023

Living room with ceiling fan.

Over the years, we’ve fielded a lot of questions from our customers. One question we get a lot is whether they should install ceiling fans – or use them if they already have them – if the air conditioner is running.

So let us be clear.

The answer is YES! Absolutely. Without Doubt.

There are real benefits to using ceiling fans in tandem with your air conditioner.

Historical Origins:

Ceiling fans have a long-standing history dating back centuries. Their purpose has always been to create a cooling effect by moving air. In ancient Rome, servants used large palm branches to fan the air ensuring the ruler's comfort during sweltering summers. (Not an automated process to be sure, and a difficult task for the servants who must have had strong arms, but it was an effective method for staying cool.)

In 17th century India, ceiling fans, known as "punkah," were made of palm leaves or cloth, hung from the ceiling, and operated using pull cords.

During the Civil War era, American buildings started incorporating ceiling fans that worked through belt systems driven by water or steam power.

However, it was in 1887 when Phillip Diehl, an employee of the Singer Sewing Machine Company, revolutionized ceiling fans by introducing a ceiling-mounted electric fan powered by a redesigned sewing machine motor. Diehl's ingenious idea eventually led to the incorporation of lights into ceiling fans, forever changing their design.

Over time, the two-bladed fan evolved into the four-bladed fan and eventually the popular five-bladed design seen today, many of them equipped with electric lights, as well.

Worth the Investment:

Ceiling fans are undeniably affordable, with modern options ranging from $50 to $300, depending on factors like size, style, and the inclusion of a light kit. The investment in ceiling fans is justified because running ceiling fans (or even desktop fans) produce significant benefits.

Efficient Cooling:

On mild days, running a ceiling fan alone can effectively cool a room without the need for an air conditioner. This helps save on the higher energy costs associated with operating an AC system.

Energy Savings:

Running a ceiling fan allows you to raise the thermostat by 4 degrees without sacrificing comfort. The higher the thermostat setting, the less your air conditioner operates, resulting in lower electricity bills.

Cost-Effective Operation:

Running an air conditioning system costs on average around 48 cents per hour, but can go as high as 88 cents per hour, depending on the locale. A ceiling fan operates at a mere 1 cent per hour. This stark difference in energy consumption makes ceiling fans an economical choice.

Running a ceiling fan in tandem with your air conditioning costs you almost nothing yet helps the AC by circulating the cool air it produces, reducing the amount of time the air conditioner must operate.

Winter Benefits:

In the winter, warm air tends to rise, leaving the lower parts of the room cooler. By turning on a ceiling fan, you can circulate the warm air and push it back down, maintaining a comfortable temperature and reducing the need for your heating system to run continuously.

Outside Advantages:

Ceiling fans are not just for inside your home. They are also great on a covered porch or patio. They can circulate the air and help keep you cool even when it’s stifling. A second benefit is that the moving air keeps mosquitoes, flies, and those dreaded no-see-ums away!

Ceiling fan on an outdoor porch.

The Aesthetic Appeal of Ceiling Fans:

Modern ceiling fans come in an extensive range of styles, colors, and materials. Whether you prefer wood tones, plastic, metal, or polycarbonate, there's a fan to suit every aesthetic preference. They come in various shapes and sizes, with added features such as energy-efficient LED lighting, timers, and thermostat controls.

Ceiling fans are now also designed to be "wet-rated" or "damp-rated," making them suitable for outdoor areas, laundry rooms, bathrooms, or lanais. Many fans also offer remote control functionality, allowing you to operate them from anywhere in the world through a dedicated app.

Some contemporary designs even feature a single blade angled downward at an 18-degree pitch, ensuring quiet operation, efficiency, and an unobtrusive appearance.

Keeping you cool and in-the-know

Air Therm doesn’t sell ceiling fans, but we certainly applaud their use! Ceiling fans offer real benefits when combined with your air conditioner, saving you money while keeping you cool and comfortable.

Call us to ask questions about how best to keep your home cool. We can offer ideas about how to make your home’s air conditioning system more efficient, and we can help you with quotes, repairs, or maintenance issues. (Have you joined our Comfort Club yet? You get two tune-ups per year on each unit in your home for just $99! Keeping your air conditioner in top working order saves you money and extends the life of your equipment.)

We care about your well-being. In fact, we will treat you like our grandma!